The game which has actually been Tegra unique for some time now is now lastly readily available for everyone. Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is an activity packed RPG shooter established by Fishlabs and the developers were kind enough to make this Tegra exclusive game available for everybody however still a few of the gadgets may not be able to run the game since of its high-powered visuals.

You’ll quickly be able to get the game off the Google Play for free of cost if your gadget works with Galaxy Fire 2 HD. The game occurs in open world where you explore flying from one destination to an additional, shooting down opponents and modifying you spaceship. Your function is to struggle for the salvation of your galaxy which has actually been infested and dominated by adversaries from various galaxies.

galaxy on fire 2

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Galaxy on Fire 2 HD offer rich and in-depth 3D graphics blended with remarkable orchestral songs and stupendous voice acting. You’re indulged in hours of gameplay as there practically 30 different galaxy consisting even more than 100 area stations and planets. The game offers tons of various weapons which can be utilized to update your spaceships together with numerous other powers boosters and products.

The game works with than 200 android gadgets including smartphones and tablets and did I mention that you can also take and conserve screenshots of your gamplay.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD isn’t a game that you’ll complete in a day or two, the game happens in huge galaxies and as soon as you’re done, you can purchase Valkyrie and Supernova growth packs to obtain extra hours of gameplay.