Windows 8.1 is stuffed with a great deal of enhancements to Windows 8 topped with some remarkable brand-new attributes. We concentrate on 5 essential elements of Windows 8.1 showcased in the preview that make the OS stand apart as possibly among the most ambitious yet practical customer OS’s ever launched.

Much Awaited Desktop Use Fixes

While Windows 8 is unarguably excellent for tablets, it’s functionality on the typical notebooks and desktops left a lot to be wanted. Windows 8.1 addresses most of these concerns. The shift in between Modern UI and the Desktop is now a lot less jarring. While I feel the return of Beginning Button is just decorative, it must assist satisfy a great deal of hard-line Windows desktop computer users a bit. If that was insufficient for you, the choices to turn off the border navigation clicks, and the capacity to set your desktop computer background as beginning screen background should certainly make you feel comfortable. Oh and how can we forget the return of the much expected boot to desktop choice. desktop improvements

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Modern UI apps are meatier than before

Not heading grabbing or revolutionary, but incremental updates to a lot of Modern UI apps seems to be the persisting style of Windows 8.1. The currently great Reader can now supports tabs. Metro Internet Explorer now supports limitless tabs. COMPUTER settings are far more improved and for basic configuring basic things on your PC, you not have to waddle through Control board. Windows Store is completely redesigned and most importantly, it works now simply fine. There’s a certain direction in which the Redmond Giant is taking all the Modern UI apps with even more material and functions, which we definitely appreciate and look forward to.

Thankfully the Messaging app is missing out on from Windows 8.1 and it’ll be changed by Skype as default in last version of Windows 8.1

metro improvements

Multitasking is a lot better

The previously 80 20 split size present in Windows 8 for multi entrusting made very little sense for a whole bunch of scenarious. Windows 8.1 finally does justice to this department and lets you pick you between an entire selection of resize choices, which would absolutely make good sense to desktop computer and tablet individuals with bigger displays. Remarkably, Microsoft has fine-tuned the behavior of a great deal of apps to make best use of the enhancements. Now opening a link from mail won’t hijack you completely into your web browser, however will rather snap the Mail window and open Web Traveler snapped next. If you’ve some impressive screen resolutions state 1920 * 1080, then this will only benefit you further.


Reading List!

Microsoft perhaps nailed it. Nicely done “read it later on” style app to which syncs throughout all your Windows 8.1 devices. All you’ve to do is to Share any material (that’s supported) by any app in Windows 8.1 to Reading List by means of the Charms bar and you excel to go. Remarkably, when you open a link in the app, it’s immediately snapped to the left and the associated app is opened for much better reading. This thematically fits well with Microsoft’s enhanced concept of multitasking in Windows 8.1

reading list windows 8.1

Search Heroes

An ace up one’s sleeve by Microsoft which I’d deem a direct competition to Google Now. Now whatever you browse on your PC is nicely presented in an “app” format merely called as Search Heroes. The outcomes presented are related to any related apps set up on your Windows 8.1 PC anywhere possible, however the number is fairly scanty at the moment as anticipated for a sneak peek. But what’s most impressive about search heroes is the depth of the provided content and the beautiful discussion. This might simply rise Bing use by an insane amount if Windows 8.1 actually takes off.

search heroes windows 8

Signing Off

In no way I’d state Windows 8.1 is headed in a ground breaking or earth shattering direction, however the much needed focus on Metro apps in terms of content, use and attributes combined with the clear effort to blur the visual clumsiness in multitasking and much needed choices for standard desktop computer users basically make Windows 8.1 exactly what Windows 8 ought to have been in the first location at launch.