A number of weeks ago Square Enix revealed that they were working on a new entry into the Deus Ex series. The game was teased and later on revealed to be Deus Ex: The Fall, the first Deus Ex game to strike smartphones and tablets. Taking place together with the console-based Deus Ex: Human Revolution, happening in the year 2027, players will take the role of Ben Saxon. Betrayed by his military companies, The Tyrants, the increased previous British SAS Mercenary will do all he can to not just safeguard his life, but the lives of all augmented people. The game will include characters from the novel, Deus Ex: The Icarus Impact and from very early gameplay videos will look to play carefully to Deus Ex lover: HR, naturally just with more touching.


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The first installment of the collection will be hitting this Summer for a cost of $6.99. Originally revealed just for iOS gadgets, Square Enix has gone on to say that Deus Ex: The Fall will also be making its way onto Android based gadgets at a later time. Mobile games has really removed in the last few years and with it, game developers have actually started to notice the platform and bring over some of their significant titles, examples consist of, Rockstar and their Grand Fraud Auto games and Bioware with Star Battles: Knights of the Old Republic. Just looking at exactly what Deus Ex aims to offer in Deus Ex: The Fall, mobile gamers and public transit commuters will have lots to expect with the launch of this game. Who knows what various other game developers will choose to take the plunge into the mobile games platform, but with strong game launches continuing to trickle out the future of mobile games can only yield great things.


What’re your opinions on the upcoming Deus Ex game? Will you be selecting it up for your Android gadget once it appears? Let’s understand your ideas down below in the remarks area.