Want to make a fast meme, but too lazy to go to a website to do the job? Well you’re definitely not alone. While there are plenty of websites and apps that let you complete this task, there’s quite a lack of apps for the desktop with excellent collection of memes in a one place.

Meme-Generator, a modern UI app for Windows 8 actually luckily conserves the day for us. Boasting a magnificent collection of over 200 memes, this is a have to have if you want to toss memes at your pals at will.

meme generator windows 8

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Just exactly what you expect of a good meme developer, Meme-Generator sports the following

  • Collection of over 200 memes
  • Share memes over Facebook, Twitter or conserve Image locally
  • Clean design, extremely easy to use
  • Support for Custom Images
  • Works Offline!

Download: Meme-Generator [25.1 MB]

The App

meme collection

The collection of the memes is downright remarkable and will amaze you to see so many memes that haven’t been used prior to. However I missed Woody and Buzz Lightyear’s all over meme. Perhaps I’m just nit-picking to the hilt.

ui meme generator

Using Meme-Generator is essentially a no brainer in part thanks to the easy and intuitive design. Simply choose your meme, include the text and you’re excellent to go.

sharing in meme generator

Sharing likewise works pretty well and a broad selection of apps are actually sustained. You can even publish the memes directly to your cloud provider if you’ve apps like File Brick set up.

If you’re a follower of producing your very own memes, then you’ll possibly have actually blended sensations towards the app, in component due to the fact that of the failure to blend and match the standard memes with your own images to create tradition memes. However, the ability to add bottom and leading text to your very own images somewhat makes up for this.


At 25 MB, the app download size is somewhat bloated, but it more than makes it up with it’s ease of use and vast collection of memes. A need to have on your Windows 8 COMPUTER / Tablet if you even from another location like producing memes. Here is a meme I made being a devoted Game of Thrones follower.