I remember my first computer game console. It was 1989, I was 4 years old and my parents got me a NES with Super Mario Bros. Since then, I’ve actually been a fairly devoted computer game punter– though unquestionably not as commonly recently as I ‘d such as to. I’ve had Nintendos, PlayStations, Xboxes, PC Games, mobile games, and more. Right now, we’re on the cusp of a new popular platform for games: the browser. They’re getting more effective, they’re everywhere, and thanks to Brass Ape, they feel like consoles.

Brass Ape is a duo of apps for your Android gadget and the web browser that connect to each various other, making the phone the controller and the browser the console.

The Website, pre-controller connection

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The Internet site, pre-controller connection

There are a couple of things you need in place before Brass Ape deals with both ends. First of all, you’ve to have Wifi allowed on your phone– connecting over data won’t work. This is to guarantee that you’ll have quick connections in addition to validate that you are regulating a nearby browser. Second, you should download the Flash plugin on the browser side, Flash 9+ on a COMPUTER or Mac to be precise.

They’re dealing with a pure HTML5 variation in the “very near” future.

When you visit the site, Brass Ape will examine your Wifi network to see if you’ve downloaded and launched the app, then attempt to make the connection utilizing it. You’ll understand you are linking to the right browser because the app will note all readily available Brass Ape sessions on your Wifi network, along with a color beside them. The color matches the color of the Wifi icon in your browser. In the above screenshot, you can see the red icon in the top right corner. You can sign up for an account or opt to do it later.

Brass Monkey connections and non-game controller

Brass Monkey connections and non-game controller

Once the 2 are linked, Brass Monkey will allow you to navigate with the games with your phone. Select a game, and play it in your browser, regulating it with your phone.

Game Selection on playbrassmonkey.com

Game Selection on playbrassmonkey.com

How crazy is that?

Game Play

The game play is rather excellent. Each game has its own controller enhanced for the type of game it is. So side scrollers or shooters may have a controller like this:

The Controller for side-scroller Samurai Autumn.

The Controller for side-scroller Samurai Fall.

And games that rely on vertical motion may have controllers like this:

A custom made controller for a distinct game

The app is also created well enough that you can manage the game utilizing usual phone activities, like turning and swiping, which is unbelievably cool.

The controller for Breakeroids. Simply Swipe or Tilt.

The controller for Breakeroids. Just Swipe or Turn.

At first, getting utilized to a new controller for each game you play can be a little confusing, however I think the custom-made controller makes playing a bit more intuitive, you not will remap the same buttons from one game to an additional.

How many of you’ve tried to throw a grenade in Call of Responsibility but end up aiming because you were simply playing Halo?

After a quick controls tutorial prior to starting each game, you are off and playing computer games right in your browser. An actually nice touch is if you ‘Detach’ from the game without giving up, you can jump right back into it. The game by itself will show up as one of your connections. If you reference the first screenshot I consisted of above, you’ll see I’ve two: one for the Brass Ape game market, and one for the game Contamination, a freaky game that … well you’ll see later.


There are a large variety of games that you can select from, so the graphics vary from classic arcade:

Breakeroids XL

Breakeroids XL

…to classic 8-bit:

Chrono and Cash

Chrono and Cash

…to first person 3d:


Contamination. Freaky, right? I informed you.

This really may be my favorite component of Brass Monkey because it feels like you are getting all the consoles, from timeless to modern, right on your computer system. If I am searching for basic, I can play Breakeroid, however if I wish to play something more contemporary and intricate, there are games like Contamination.

But that’s not all! Like any great video games system, Brass Monkey enables you to do multiplayer games.


When you connect to a browser session, Brass Monkey has a number: 0/96. This implies that up to 96 people can connect to the same session. As you search games, every one will tell you the number of people can play at the same time. There’s even a Multiplayer game section.

Both gadgets will connect to the same browser (because all Brass Monkey sessions are listed individually), and both can regulate the session (which can be a bit annoying, but it’s not unlike a lot of conventional console games). One thing I noticed is that it appears both gamblers should own a game in order to play it together. While I don’t generally think paying for a game is a bad idea, the reality that all players have to pay for the game to play is a bit bothersome, and breaks from traditional console games. Speaking of …


Brass Ape is free to download on both the browser and your phone, and a lot of the games are complimentary, but some expense cash through coins.

This is akin to Xbox Live points or various other console-specific currency.

You can buy anywhere from 10,000 “Brass Coins” for $0.99 to 270,000 Brass Coins for $19.99, then make use of those coins to purchase certain games. Purchasing is done by means of an in-app investment, and you need to have a Brass Ape account.

Market and Game Purchasing

Market and Game Purchasing

Account Creation and Repayment Issues

Creating an account is simple enough. You are requested for a username, complete name, email, and password. You then choose one of their pre-selected avatars and you are great to go. My only problem is that they did not spend anytime on creating those displays. It took me back to the days of hurried Gingerbread apps. If there’s one area that requires renovation, it’s certainly those displays.

When a game costs money, the controller on your phone develops into a purchase page (shown above) where you can decide to pay for one session or to own the game. It appears a sessions is half the price of having the game, and enables you to bet 30 minutes. You can also buy coins right from that display. This may seem like a lot, however 5,000 coins is -$0.50. For 30 minutes that’s excusable, considering in a genuine game, you ‘d probably pay $0.50 for 10 minutes (if you are really great). Once you make the investment, your phone becomes the controller and you can play when again as normal.

There’s one pretty big bug here: I tried to play a paid game 3-4 times, choosing to ‘possess’ the game. A couple of times it fell short to make a purchase, and the other times, although I paid to have, it charged me for a session and continues to propel me whenever I try to play it. What’s worse is the session is 30 minutes, but whenever I backed out of the game and back in (which was within the period of 10 minutes), I was propelled to pay once again.

Final Thoughts

As this service develops I think it really has the prospective to alter how we play computer games. It’s doing a fantastic task of merging 2 technologies that a great deal of people currently have into something that numerous of them like to do. And with new innovations like Chromecast where you can send out whatever is in your web browser to your TELEVISION, you can play video games online, utilizing your phone as a controller, without will pay the $400-500 entry cost for a specialized console.

While I’ve some requests below, it’s of the utmost value that Brass Ape exercise whatever repayment pests they’re having, as those pests are costing the users money. I am still offering it a 7/10 due to the fact that of the concept, execution, and accessibility of free games, but this is a concern that’ll avoid them from making it really huge.

In the near future I ‘d like to see a non-Flash variation, which is in the works, and possibly a variation that does not require Wifi and being on the same Wifi network. My initial idea is this can be achieved using QR codes or confirmation codes. Finally, some of the displays can be developed a little much better.

Payment bug aside, I feel Brass Monkey is an incredibly cool platform that’s great potential.