Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, A, B, Beginning. Ah the timeless code you got in at the title screen would offer you 30 lives, when you played Contra on the NES. Sure after Contra was released on the games in 1987 the year after it made its way to the NES console in 1988 and it became a really successful game, and there have been numerous sequels however none of them have really captured the success the first game had 25 years ago.

After months of hearing that this timeless upgraded game would be concerning mobile devices I could not believe it. Because this is a game I have played and beaten more times than any other game that I’ve played. After weeks of being on the iOS, Contra Evolution finally concerns Android gadgets. Now for those who aren’t acquainted with Contra, the tale is about 2 soldiers named Expense “Mad Dog” Rizer and Lance “Scorpion” Bean. And there goal is easy, ruin the Alien Red Falcon and save the world. You’ll need to fight your way through 8 levels until there’s only the Alien Red Falcon.

For those who’ve played this NES timeless game you’ll observe that this game has gotten one heck of a good upgrade, every little thing such as the graphics to the sound effect and music all got an upgrade. My jaw was up to the floor and stayed there I mightn’t believe how lovely this game looks. I’m so happy that they really stayed with the original, the levels are just as similar as the original, the guns have cool looking animations and depending upon exactly what tool you get you’ll see smoke and fire results, and the backgrounds are so rich in information, you simply can’t assist but look for a couple of minutes and really value the game visuals. The game has actually memorable music and you’ll be happy to understand that it got revamped, remains true to the original, just revamped.


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Now you’ve various functions in Contra: Advancement. You’ve your arcade mode which essentially is your project, then you’ve goal mode play like your basic campaign however act more like a practice mode, it had 3 levels of difficulty, easy, normal, and hard. And you can choose in between Bill, and Lance. There are also 2 unlockable female characters in the game. They do play a little differently, and it’s good to finally have female characters in the game, but it simply does not really alter anything in the game. It good that they added a tutorial for those who’re new, but I indicate playing a run-and-gun game is rather straight forward. And an additional good attribute the lastly added is Homing Missiles indeed that tool is finally in the game.

And then you’ve 3 control modes to pick from you’ve the basic joystick, floating joystick, and you’ve you timeless d-pad. There’s also an option to switch on and off the ‘auto-fire’. I in fact like having this feature on because my firearm will just fire immediately. Which means you just need to stress over running and jumping. Now are the controls simply as excellent or much better than the NES variation? I’d enjoy to say yes, but I’d be lying to you, so sadly the answer is ‘No’. Now without this small imperfection, this game would’ve gotten a perfect 5 stars. I suggest the game is still beatable, however this day and age and with the technology that we’ve today it would’ve been nice if the controls might’ve been better.

Now I know you must be itching to ask ‘can I make use of the code?’ sorry gamers I haven’t discovered a means to use it, yes it would be good to input the well-known Konami code, however I couldn’t figure it out. However if and when it does the Android Entity will keep you posted.

I loved playing the traditional and I enjoy play the upgraded version of this game. Its just to bad they couldn’t make the controls any much better. The graphics are rich and beautiful and well detailed, and the songs is just as good as the original. Gamer new to the series couldn’t care to appreciate the timeless game. However players who’ve matured playing this game, this is a must-have download to have on your Android device, should you get it the response is, YES! This game is available for $1.09 at the Google play store. Delighted Gaming Players!