CRAZY CLIMBER is a mesmerizing an interesting arcade that’s a very popular Android app amongst hundreds of game lovers worldwide. In this game gamers get amazing climbing up experience, they experience the game problem and speed, climb greater and move much faster. The game consists of gameplay, responsive controls and lots of levels to keep the game more intriguing and amazing. INSANE CLIMBER is an excellent choice for individual’s computer system or whenever they discover a couple of moments to climb as high as they can.

In this game users go up big buildings with the windows and they should leap left and right, and sidestep taller windows and as well as open windows. While going up the buildings they face various items barriers which can trigger them to fall from the sky and lead them to pass away. The game has upgrades in which users are allowed to purchase some stuff with coins that they gather while playing. The primary goal of the game is to survive through various levels and hurdles to reach the final level. The game ends when the player loses his supply of lives, normally gamer gets three lives however it depends upon the settings The game consists of four levels after completing all four skyscrapers, the game reboots from the start but players keep their scores. It includes musical effects that are played to announce a victory or danger.


The game is extremely easy and basic to download and users would be pleased to utilize it without any cost. Downloading is really simple, users simply should pick the preferred file and click download complimentary CRAZY CLIMBER. Individuals select among the ways they wish to get the file, after few basic steps and they’re ready to take pleasure in complete Android Crazy climber for their tablet and phone.


Climb at your Height with Rich and 3D Graphics - Crazy Climber Game Review

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Users regulate the game with the assistance of dual joysticks as they go up the structures, climber’s hands are regulated by with both joysticks, pushing the joystick in a direction moves the climber’s hand relative to his body. In order to go up the building, users need to alternate pressing up and down on both joysticks. Once individuals get acquainted with controls they can quickly utilize both joysticks in opposite positions at the same time to go up the building far more rapidly.

WINDOWS: In the game the windows become a common difficulty for the gamer, the windows open and close to slow down the development of the gamer. If the window closes on the player’s hand that become the reason for the fall of the gamer and he loses a life. As the player reaches to other levels of the game the windows open and close more often.

RESIDENTS OF THE BUILDINGS: As gamer climb up the building, they face attacks by bald individuals who through flower pots, containers of fruit, water. If adequate objects hit the gamer’s head, he falls down from the structure and in the result he loses his one life. The homeowners of the building drop eggs at the climber. In the starting just two or 3 of the dropping come at a time but the attacks are increased in the later stages of the games, if the climber hits by numerous dropping he passes away.

GIANT APE: The game also consists of a giant ape who attempts to pierce the much smaller insane climber and toss him off the structure. He appears in the center of the structure and keeps changing his position between the right and left sides of the building. He pounds chest a couple of times prior to piercing into the center of the building.

GIRDERS AND DUMBBELLS: In the game the gamer deals with girders and dumbbells that try to blow insane climber. In the beginning they fall straight down however in later stages they fall diagonally with the air and become a much larger risk to the player.

FALLING SIGNS: Crazy climber deals with falling indications in the game, they’re large and hard to stay clear of so avoiding them the crazy climber have to move fast to a safe area on the building.

LUCKY BALLOONS: The crazy climber gets reward points if he’s able to grab red balloons, the gamer has a limited amount of time to grab the balloon, before it drifts away.

Climb at your Height with Rich and 3D Graphics - Crazy Climber Game Review


When the crazy climber reaches at the top of the building after facing numerous troubles and obstacles, a success song plays and the game progresses to the next level, where a more tough high-rise building awaits for him.

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