SEGA’s classic PC and Dreamcast game Crazy Taxi has actually finally handled to hitch a trip to Android after the company launched it without too much of a notice on Google Play. However considering that you are here with Android Entity, you know about all the great game launches on the platform, so never stress!

Back to Crazy Taxi, it’s a complete improvement of the original, but still keeping all the information that made Crazy Taxi so addicting. This indicates that we’ve the original music, the exact same outrageous gameplay and colorful graphics, but likewise new additions and enhancements tailored for a best mobile experience, like tilt controls (optional), 3, 5 or 10 minute gameplay and complete controller support.

crazy taxi

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If you’ve actually never ever played Crazy Taxi before, the objective of the game is simple: act like a true (and insane) taxi driver, get trips in the city and drive like a maniac, trying to obtain them to location as quick as possible. For some reason, this ends up in disorderly, fast paced and exceptionally entertaining driving sessions that you’ll quickly get hooked on.

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