Behold Studios, the designer of table-top RPG Knights of Pen and Paper, launched a Kickstarter campaign a few weeks back to money their latest game, Chroma Squad. The campaign was a successful one as they’ve just passed their target of $55,000, generating an extra $10,000 with 14 days to go.

The game is touted as a deliberate turn-based supervisor game, and puts you in charge of a TV studio that produces films like Captain Planet or Power Rangers. You’ll be in cost of employing and personalizing your crew, purchasing equipment, tape-recording episodes and struggles, and even adding special impacts. After that, you’ll likewise be in charge of marketing completion item, much like Game Dev Story (Kairosoft). If you matured watching superheroes like the aforementioned, you’ll likewise be glad to understand that the game will teem with references to various other 80′s and 90′s geek culture.

chroma squad

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Fans of pixel art will be thrilled to see that Chroma Team will be including the same style as Knights of Pen and Paper. Multiplayer will likewise be readily available with smooth integration with other players from the PC and Mac versions on Steam (in the procedure of being greenlighted). For those who dislike pay-to-win, they also discussed that there will be no micro-transactions and in-game purchases. Presently, the game is arranged to launch at the end of this year, with the Android tablet variation being available in mid-2014. An Ouya variation is also a possibility, however will only be available late 2014.

If you’re a big fan of their previous work and have spare money, you still have time to help make this a much better game. Have a look at their stretch objectives for more details on how your cash can have an effect on the development. For a pledge of $2,000 or even more, you’ll be welcomed to their GDC 2014 after-party with complimentary food and drinks, and you can assist to make and beta test the Chroma Team board game. Backers of any quantity will also get advantages, such as called in-game characters and the digital soundtrack.

[Bear in mind that even successful Kickstarter campaigns occasionally don’t produce the level of quality you expected when you initially decided to open your wallet and, most of the time, will be postponed for months after their planned release date. Developers are likewise understood to change their minds about specific attributes, so you could end up with an entire different game. Only contribute if you’re actually sure and have spare cash.]