While we were anticipating Kerosene Games to launch their upcoming side scroll runner on 26th of July, much to our surprise, the developers made the release early on. For a year or so the information regarding the launch of Bounty Arms was surging around and we’ve actually seen some hold-ups as well however the game is no offered for download on Google Play.

Bounty Arms is a side scroll runner with complete 3D environment. Those of you who possess Tegra based gadgets will have that additional bit of visual prospect nevertheless the game will run fine with all Android devices. Bounty Arms offers 3 different characters to select from every one having their own distinctive features and toolbox. You get to play either as Goober or Drake Mass or Flux Helix. And as for your weaponry, you get tons of different things consisting of fly swatter and various other firearms.

bounty arms

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Well the principle of Bounty Arms is quite easy, gather bounties and make yourself some cash. There are total amount of 10 levels to play along with but do not worry you won’t be finishing the game in few years hours. After you’re finished with the levels, there are numerous various other incentive objectives to attach to along with leaderboards and accomplishments to unlock. Apart from that you’ll also have to collect hidden treasure chests and find secret doors that’ll earn you different rewards.

Bounty Arms is now available on Play Shop and on TegraZone too. With all its 3D visuals and substantial gameplay the game does include a price tag of $4.99 however that’s pretty much great if you look at exactly what the game provides.