The thought about “Bad Traffic” is a horror story to a lot of motorists who commute daily, even more so to Authorities Officers who might need to direct it.
But not to stress though you won’t need to drive with it, you just need to direct traffic with a good/bad twist.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll be provided the option to play as either the Guardian Angel in or the Devil’s Advocate both have different ways of directing traffic.

bad traffic review

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As the Guardian Angel, your job is to get the flow of traffic throughout the intersection without the various other vehicles crashing into each other, and if you do manage to get the others automobiles to safety you proceed to the next level. To manage the vehicles, merely tap on the vehicles to stop, however will only be stopped for 5 seconds then proceed. And swipe on the cars you desire, to move them faster.

Your task as the Devil’s Supporter is to crash into the various other vehicles to make them explode, the difficult part is making enough automobiles blow up within the time limitation. By swiping at a vehicle will allow it to scoot hitting another automobile, or truck.

Playing as either the Guardian Angel or Devil’s Supporter you’ll get an overview look, at 3 different intersections per city. The graphics are vibrant, and appealing. The sound of vehicles honking, blowing up, and tires screeching sensible adequate to think that you’re directing traffic without truly existing. Proceeding to greater levels likewise get more tough as you’re conserving automobiles or making them explode.

This game has enough additionals at the shop to make you desiring more. Cars from the Back to the Future series “The Delorean” and The Bat-mobile are there. And upgrading an armored truck that’ll give you coins is at the shop too.

Bad Traffic was a delightful experience, I also enjoy the fact that there are two modes of play as well as the extra material. This one is a free offer, so if you wish to lose time blowing off road rage steam, give it a shot.