Aviate Launcher (Alpha) - a homescreen launcher that smartly adapts to you

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Aviate Launcher is a new, and really different, homescreen launcher. Currently just readily available by means of invite just, the app boasts some amazing and intuitive functions including intelligent organization, customisation, styles and integrated ‘areas’ where apps are categorised and suggested at the right time. It presently lacks the exact same kind of personalisation you find in apps like Apex or Nova Launcher, but if you are ready for something rather evolutionary, you’ll want your name on the waiting list

Price: Free (Invite Only)

Tested on: Nexus 4
Content Rating: Low Maturity

Pros & Cons:


  • Clean, smooth and customisable user interface!
  • Automatic organisation!
  • Easy to use and navigate!
  • Very efficient design and automation attributes!


  • Needs more settings.


I am incredibly cynical of launchers. I’ve the tendency to choose those based upon the native Android experience (displays, widgets, faster ways, dock, app drawer, etc). For that reason I’ve the tendency to stick to stock on my Nexus 4 or, if I am feeling a little creative I’ll choose Apex Launcher. And, when I just recently got an e-mail from Aviate, with an invite to their new launcher (I’d actually used a few weeks before), I was curious however not positive that it would be anything that’d blow me away. I am still just a few days into it, but I beginning to understand how wrong I was.

Aviate Launcher is quite unlike any homescreen replacement app you’ve actually ever before come across. You actually only get three screens. There’s no dock or app drawer. You can only reasonably add a couple of widgets and offers just a light and dark style. To top it all off, there’s not even a wallpaper! Nevertheless, I am gradually beginning to enjoy it and, so far, am postponing going back to stock.

So, you essentially have three displays. Initially, is kinda house screen which is separated into three areas. A ‘space’ area (description later on), a widget area and a favorites space. The next display is made up of collections, Work apps, special apps, information, music, games and so on. There’s a wide selection of these collections categories to pick form and you can add as many as you like. Finally you’ve an A-Z Apps page which is about as close as you get to an app drawer, listing your applications alphabetically with lettered shortcuts along the side.

At the top of your homescreen are ‘Spaces’. These present various app collections based on what you’re doing and the time of day. If it’s early in the morning, you’ve actually a selection called Early morning Routine (e-mail, information, weather, etc). If you are out and about, you could get info about local attractions or the ‘Going Somewhere’ menu (Maps, Google Earth, etc). I’ve the tendency to such as the Time space which is a slick-looking clock and weather report. The thing is, the space is dynamic and will matter based upon your surroundings.

The 3rd screen includes all your collections. There are tons and loads to pick from in the setups and you can have as numerous or as few as you like, a bit like preset folders. Regrettably you can’t create your very own yet but this is just an alpha release! The third display is the A-Z list. Away you can hold and drag apps into the collections or favorites group.

Because much of the app is automated, it’s wonderful for performance and no app is even more than a few swipes away. Collections can easily be re-arranged and common-used apps shifted for faster gain access to. There’s a specific amount of customization to be found, but it’s rather restricted compared to various other launchers. The bottom line nevertheless is that it looks and does superbly and looks like something meticulously crafted on mycolorscreen.com. If you are huge on performance, this is simply incredible.

The app plainly eliminates much of the personalisation you could be used to and this is going to put people off. However, the overall cleanness of the app and its outright convenience of use is really enticing, even for someone like me who truly delights in homescreen editing. The app doesn’t have lots of setups, like the capacity to add more displays or widgets or create/name brand-new collections. This does draw a little and I hope this is opened up in future updates however I can deal with it.

Overall, I am truly thrilled about Aviate and I’d strongly advise you get yourself on their welcome list. If you want something productive, easy, powerful and intelligent, this is most certainly something you must’ve a look at. Truly, now that I have tested Aviate, I can return to stock or Apex. The trouble is, I do not think I wish to.


For immediately tidying up your homesreen into a mean, lean performance equipment, Aviate is merely incredible. It does don’t have some customisability, however if you like the design and established, it’s already excellent.

Ease of Use:

Very! It did take a few minutes to obtain used to the app, but it’s extremely user-friendly and no trouble to get your head around.

Frequently Used:

Every time you utilize your phone. Plus, as the app is dynamic and suggests apps and options that might be useful to you at that given time, you may discover even more reasons for utilizing your Android.


The interface is incredibly simple however fluid, smooth, magnificently developed and extremely receptive. You ‘d be hard-pressed to discover a launcher as intuitive to make use of.