It was simply a few months ago that Rovio, publishers of the fabulous title Angry Birds, revealed the production of it’s most current publishing wing (excuse the pun): Rovio Stars. Now, with energy and a big fan-base under it’s star, Rovio launches their latest game: Tiny Thief!

Tiny Thief, established by 5 Ants Games, is a tap and click puzzler- much like the older COMPUTER games of the last, last generation. If no examples come to mind, think the more current, critically acclaimed flash collection, Hapland.

tiny thief

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You’ll lead your cute thieve through lovely, hand animated middle ages setups- timing your taps to trigger chain events and securely, stealthily, stay clear of being caught by guards and various other poor, innocent saps.

As of now, the title only consists of 30 levels. This naturally is subject to change into a much bigger, much grander set of digits, considering Rovio’s history with Angry Birds.

Tiny Thief is available now on the Google Play shop for the strong cost point of $2.99. Are you ready for this small game to take all of your downtime?