Android 101: How to set an alarm using your clock app

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Welcome to the most recent Android 101 in our series of easy-to-follow tutorials which are ideal for brand-new Android individuals. In this article, we’re going to review how to add alarms using your clock app. All of us lead active lives and standing up is rarely something we do voluntarily! Your gadget’s alarm function lets you create various alarms for various days of the week. Want to depend on on Sunday? No issue!

As discussed in previous posts, the fundamental Android Jelly Bean application could differ from others, such as newer phones by Samsung and HTC, but the principals must coincide.

Let us start with opening the clock app. It ought to initially looks a little like this:


The clock has lots of functionality, such as a timer a stopwatch and, believe it or not, telling the time! Nonetheless, we are looking at the alarm feature today, so you require to press the small alarm tab located in the bottom left. Upon pressing, you’ll be taken to the alarm setups, which look something like this:


As you can see, mine is set for 7am with the week, however absolutely nothing is set for the weekend. The alarms are set via an easy ON/OFF toggle on the right hand side. There’s usually a number of default alarms produced however not set, but let us look at ways to create an alarm from scratch. Initially, click the + indicator at the top of the display. When you do, the display will look like this:

Enter Alarm Time

Now simply enter the time you want to set the alarm for, normally utilizing the 24 hour clock policies 00.00 for midnight, 23.00 for 11pm etc. When you click OK, the alarm is automatically set, and you should see a notice pop up at the bottom of the display to confirm it. However, you’ve a spurt of extra choices if you wish:

Enter Alarm Options

This lets you alter the days the alarm will go off, dictates whether your gadget will vibrate or start quietly and gradually increase in volume (somewhat nicer method to get up than a screeching ringtone) plus you can alter the alarm sound that’s played. There are lots of alarm tones to choose from, from the truly shrill and frustrating tones which tend to be necessary if you are a deep sleeper, to more gentle tones which wake you up peacefully. The selection display appears like this, and touching a sound will both choose it and play you a demo:

Set Alarm Ringtone

You can also alter even more setups, which can be found by pressing the three dots located in the top right of the main screen. The setups menu looks like this:

Alarm Settings

This lets you fine-tune various other aspects of the clock and alarm. For example, do you desire an analog or a digital clock? It also permits you to let you set snooze delays and additional activities, like shaking the phone to snooze or dismiss:

Alarm Settings

When you alarm at some point goes off, the display showed will appear something like the below:

Alarm on Lock Screen

You’ve two choices below, however you are unlikely to be in the state of mind for thinking too thoroughly at this point! You can either dismiss or snooze. Press and swipe the alarm icon in the facility of the display left for snooze or right to dismiss. You can likewise shake your device if you have created that setting.

Dismiss or Snooze Alarm

And there you’ve it. I must mention that there are a number of various other alarm apps in the Google Play Store which provide similar or improved functionality. Popular apps consist of Warmly which we assessed recently, the gorgeous doubleTwist Alarm Clock and even the splendidly novel Brian Blessed Alarm Clock if you’d such as to get up to the growing tones of thespian Brian’s ‘INCREASE!’

Please don’t hesitate to leave us feedback in the comments below, particularly if there are any tips you might’ve for future 101 posts.