Android 101: How to change your ringtone

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Welcome to the latest Android 101 in our series of easy-to-follow tutorials which are ideal for new Android individuals. In this short article, we’re visiting look at how to change your ringtone.

Pretty much every modern-day cell phone includes a range of different ringtones to pick from. Generally they’re a variety of rock songs, country tracks, one called something like ‘calypso’ (seriously, who selects that one ?!) plus a smattering of ear-piercing tinkles that are in fact rather uninteresting. Last but not least, there’s constantly an old-school telephone ring for irony purposes. For stock Android, I am personally a fan of ‘Thermos’

Changing your ringtone is quite easy truly, first visit setups:


Next, choose sound. Away you access volumes, ringtones and notice tones (the sound you hear when you get a text or e-mail). The menu looks like this:

Sound menu

Now, while you can quickly adjust the volumes for music/games, ringtones & notices and alarms. If you pick volumes, a small pop up menu turns up:

Volumes menu

Here … simply move your finger to the volume level you wish for. As you do, the media will play and you can hear what the volume will seem like. Below this option, there’s a button for phone ringtone. Pressing this brings up a longer menu of ringtones to choose from, looking a little like this:

Ringtone menu

When each is selected, it’ll appear, so you can choose which one you like. The same will apply when you look into the notification seems.

Another cool function, is the capability to appoint particular ringtones to your preferred contacts. To do this, visit your Individuals or Contacts app, pick a contact then choose the menu for that contact. This will vary from gadget to device, however on stock Android, it’ll look like this.:


Here you can then set a ringtone for your contact. This is cool as it means when your phone rings, you’ll know who it’s instantly. Obviously this is not really unique to Android or even smartphones, but it can be very beneficial.

And individuals, it’s that easy! Be sure to attempt a few of the ringtones offered on your device to find one which matches you. More advanced users may want to look into apps like Zedge, which lets you download new ringtones and apply them immediately.

Additionally, if you are feeling actually confident, check out apps like Ringtonium or Ringdroid (click the links to download plus get instructions on how to make use of). These let you take a regular music track from your phone and chop it down to play the bit you could such as, essentially creating your very own personalised ringtones. These can be a little fiddly to start with, however the apps themselves are intuitive and outstanding to use.

So there we’ve it, hopefully now you can change your ringtone and even assign specific ringtones to your favorite contacts!

As normal don’t hesitate to leave remarks below whether that be a future tutorial request or perhaps even your preferred ringtone referrals, it’s always wonderful to learn through you.