Android 101: How to add widgets to your homescreen

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Welcome to the latest Android 101 in our collection of easy-to-follow tutorials which are ideal for new Android individuals. In this post, we’re visiting look at how to add widgets to your homescreen. If there’s one thing that Android users take pleasure in that iPhone users do not, the top of that list may well be widgets. Widgets are small elements of applications that sit on your homescreen. They let you access information or services without needing to open up the app.

For example, many Android users might’ve some kind of clock widget on their major homescreen. I generally such as having a weather condition widget so I can quickly see exactly what the weather condition will resemble in the coming days. You can add a songs player, information feed, email, text messages and thousands more, all from the Google Play Shop. In this tutorial, we are visiting assist you with including a widget yourself. As soon as included, there might be any variety of interactions you can have with the widget or specific setups, but exactly what you need to do must be clear once it’s set up.

We will start the full guide in a minute, but the easy steps are:

  1. Find empty homescreen space
  2. Go to your app draw and pick the Widgets tab
  3. Find the widget you want
  4. Press and hold on it
  5. Place on the homescreen
  6. Let go!

So, in more detail, to start with you need homescreen space! You actually have to first make sure you’ve enough space to install the widget you desire, as some can be simply 1×1 grid location whereas others can be 4×4 or larger. The next step depends on your gadget and exactly what variation of Android you’re running. For even more current device, you’ve to open your app draw, whereas older (for example Android Gingerbread 2.3) or skinned (HTC Sense, Samsung Touchwiz) gadgets might need you to simply touch and hold the homescreen.

If this is the case, just choose ‘add widget’ to be taken to a list of installed widgets to choose from.

For testing functions, I am utilizing a Nexus 4 device which is running pure Android Jellybean 4.2.2. Below I’ve to go to the app draw and select the widgets tab, it looks like this:

List of Widgets

Underneath each of the widgets, you can see the size the widget is. This can let you double check you’ve enough room for it. Scroll through and find the widget you wish to contribute to your homescreen. Find the widget you want, press on it and hold. The background should change back to your homescreen, letting the widget float- it will look like this:

Drag Widgets to Homescreen

Here I am including the Google Now widget- notice that, as it drifts, it shows a synopsis of its size underneath. Phones running Jellybean will let you push other widgets and icons out of the method as you put the widget, however it’s constantly excellent to check if you’ve space initially. When it’s in the right place, just let go, the widget will continue to be where you placed it and will now be interactive:

Widget on Homescreen

Many widgets nowadays are resizable. This suggests you can potentially make them bigger or smaller. To resize a widget, press on it while it’s on your homescreen and await the see to alter, the size overview will come back with circle the edges, like this:

Resize Widget

If you release the display now, this will stay. You can now adjust the size of the widget by dragging up on some of the circles. For me, this widget is using up too much space, so I’m visiting make it smaller by dragging the circle at the bottom upwards, so it now looks like this:

Resizing Widget

Now I’ve freed up more space beneath this widget to possibly add more, perhaps like a songs widget:

Add Another Widget

This widget is smaller sized so I still have room for an additional if I desired. Once again, I go back to the app draw and widget tab, find the one I want, press, hold and put:

Three Homescreen Widgets

As ever before, I hope this has actually served. Android is an excellent place for widgets and customisation, so absolutely experiment and discover beneficial widgets in the Google Play Store that fit you.

Feel complimentary to leave comments below and inform us what your favorite widgets are … right here are a lot to obtain you began! Likewise, if you’ve any tutorial requests for future Android 101 write-ups, please let’s know.