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Happy Independence Day, fellow Americans! It’s time to go to the lake, eat some red meat, and, of course, buy a mobile phone from an excellent ol’ American company, Motorola and Google.

Motorola is running a full-page spread in the July 3 editions of The New York Times, USA Today, Commercial Diary and Washington Post. And it’s all for the upcoming, and really American, Motorola X smartphone.

As the advertisement clearly mentions, this is an American phone from an American business. After all Motorola is as American as country music and type-2 diabetic issues.

Once upon a time Motorola stood tall as a beacon of American ingenuity and prosperity. Founded in 1928 in Illinois, the business lead the world in mobile technology for decades. Motorola put audio in cars. Motorola went to the Moon. Motorola made the wireless phone.

Then came the Motorola RAZR, a clamshell phone that went on to be the best selling flip phone in history, but likewise marking the beginning of completion. Motorola is now an empty vestigial of its former self, existing as two entities: one within Google and another part as a telecom company.

There’s very little understood about the upcoming Motorola X smartphone. Up until now a number of leaked pics showed a rather pedestrian smartphone with modest specs – nothing that’s anything much better than products from Samsung or Apple. However ideally, now a full year after Google scooped up Motorola’s consumer department, the 2 business have slow-cooked something rather delicious.

And as somebody from a dead middle America factory town, it’s incredible to view the manufacturing returned to America.

Dell never totally left Texas. Lenovo just recently started a business in North Carolina. Apple is beginning over US-based manufacturing facilities formerly shuttered when abroad manufacturing was in vogue. But please, I plead you, consumer electronic business, don’t make an ordinary item, put a Made In America sticker on the back and pawn it off on unwary Americans. Americans and American companies can develop world-class products so please do absolutely nothing less.