Active Lockscreen - speedy access to apps from the lockscreen

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Active Lockscreen is an improved alternative lockscreen that aims to provide you quick access to your favorite applications in a crisp contemporary user interface. If your lockscreen is not doing enough for you, this might worth trying. With added plugins to set up and a wealth of customisation choices up its sleeve, Active Lockscreen is lovely, powerful and chock filled with functions.

Price: Free

Tested on: Nexus 4
Content Rating: Low Maturity

Pros & Cons:


  • Easy to use!
  • Loads of plugins to add functionality!
  • Customisation and themes!


  • Very occasionally can be a little unresponsive.


Right now, your lockscreen probably doesn’t do very much. If you just utilize to swipe to unlock, or perhaps simply to open a particular app such as the camera straight, the developers of Active Lockscreen wish to suggest that your lockscreen can be so much more. Active Lockscreen makes your lockscreen more interactive than before, providing a platform for different plugins. These plugins provide all manner of cool RSS streams to place updated news on your lockscreen. You can also include different styles, customising your experience even more. In fact, customisation is at the heart of it with lots of tweaks to select from.

The set up is automatic, but it can also be personalised. You get a few choices and dragging the open icon to a specific subset of functions is crucial to using the app. For example, if you drag it to the camera icon, you then get a subset of photography and image options. If you drag it to the phone icon, you can see a list of your newest calls and contacts. There’s likewise an icon for your recently made use of applications for instantaneous gain access to. There’s likewise a menu of interactions apps for things like messaging and e-mail. The functionality is wrapped in a lush user interface which feels and look extremely high quality.

Active Lockscreen is easy and intuitive to set up. It provides a lot in the method of functionality that simply is not really offered in the conventional lockscreens that have either pure Google or third-party manufacturer skins. The Google Play Store houses tons of extra plugins and themes to allow you to really make the app your very own. All in all, it looks excellent, works well and is highly customisable. I think for some people, all this might appear a bit unneeded- why not just open your phone and utilize it normally? However if you desire your lockscreen to be a hub of beneficial attributes, Active Lockscreen is potentially the most comprehensive solution available.


For speedy access to your apps, camera, e-mail and upgraded RSS feeds … all from your lockscreen, Active Lockscreen is with confidence one of the most useful lockscreen applications presently offered. With high levels of customisation, it’s easy to make your own too.

Ease of Use:

Even though there’s a lot involved in establishing your ideal set up (it’s virtually like establishing an ideal homescreen configuration), the app is really easy to use and substantially instinctive.

Frequently Used:

This is an app that you’d basically use whenever you get your phone, basically. With its variety of attributes, it’s definitely something you’ll make use of commonly.


The user interface is streamlined and customisable. I did keep in mind that it’s really occasionally unresponsive (screen simply goes blank for a couple of minutes), which can be annoying for users, however this is thankfully irregular.