If you’ve an Android phone you’re probably constantly tailoring it and trying to make it individual. Your lockscreen is always an advantage to begin with. Some lock displays include inbuilt clock widgets, however there are likewise some wonderful clock widgets that you should consider downloading. Check out the 7 finest Android clock widgets below:

1. Pixel Art Clock Widget

Pixel Art Clock Widget 7 Best Android Clock Widgets

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This clock has over 5000 mixes of customization, and you’ve a variety of 46 colors to select from. You can embellish themes with pictures, set your clock to military time (24h mode), and you’ve the ability to specify the application that you want to run by clicking on the widget (the clock has two widgets, time and date). The app is in 3D and it’s as artsy as the name suggests.

2. Holo Clock Widget

Holo Clock Widget 7 Best Android Clock Widgets
This big, round clock comes with many different colors and has a convenient configuration display. I such as purple finest, however red and black can also look excellent with particular styles. It’s a clock widget however you can also utilize it to set alarms.

3. Beautiful Widgets Pro

Beautiful Widgets Pro 7 Best Android Clock Widgets
This isn’t just a clock widget but an app with clock, app and weather widgets incorporated. It’s its own styles store with lots of themes, colors and icons to customize your phone with. You can practically customize your entire lockscreen with the weather condition and clock app, and it looks extremely stunning.


Ultimate custom widget UCCW 7 Best Android Clock Widgets
UCCW represent Ultimate Custom-made Clock Widget, but it isn’t simply a clock widget, due to the fact that it’s all types of widgets. If you install UCCW you get numerous suitable first and 3rd party skins to select from, and you can likewise develop your own skin. The app uses the supposed ‘WYSIWYG editor, (What You See Is What You Get) and with that you can produce your very own widgets.

5. Holo Clock Widget ++

This clock is easy looking however it’s extremely elegant in design. The app has 3 classy widgets included, a huge clock, a clock within a clock and battery % circle meter. The app informs you about the time and date, present weather, upcoming precipations possibility and upcoming calendar events.

6. Retro Clock Widget

Retro Clock Widget 7 Best Android Clock Widgets
What’s fantastic about the Retro Clock Widget is that it works in all the Android version. It comes with a house display clock and a date widget that looks like an old mechanical flipping clock. The widgets resemble shortcuts to the alarm and calendar applications.

7. ClockQ – Digital Clock Widget

ClockQ Digital Clock Widget 7 Best Android Clock Widgets
This digital clock widget for your homescreen is exceptionally customizable. It’s a range of different themes and choice choice so that you can personalize it to the maximum. You can add widgets that the app provides to your lock screen is you’ve Android 4.2+. The app includes some remarkable functions like home-screen widgets in various sizes, 2 wonderful fonts, transparent options and even more.

As you can see you can make your clock and your lockscreen nevertheless big and informative you desire. You can keep it easy or you can go nuts and utilize a lots of features. It’s your phone so it’s your option.